Dota 2: Windranger Tips And Tricks (2023)

Windranger is a ranged intelligence hero who, unlike the majority of intelligence heroes, relies on physical attack damage rather than magical damage. If you want to win with Windranger, you must play aggressively; she is not one of those farming heroes. She is strong throughout the game, and you must capitalize on her abilities.

Aggressive gameplay may appear straightforward, and you may believe that engaging in combat with an enemy qualifies as aggressive gameplay, but this is incorrect. This gameplay requires knowledge of your hero's strengths and weaknesses against each hero; otherwise, you will feed the enemy and fall behind in the late game.

Windranger's Abilities


She ties the target to a nearby tree or an enemy. If no one is behind the target, he only receives a minor stun. A successful stun lasts 3.8 seconds, while a failed stun lasts 0.75 seconds. With the talent, the duration of a successful stun increases to 4.6 seconds.

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Windranger's Shackleshot


  • Shackleshot is an arrow shot that requires skill and practice to execute properly. If you wish to hit both targets with the Shackleshot, you should wait for one of your allies to disable the enemy, at which point you will have a few seconds to find the optimal angle to Shackle.
  • It works well with Iron Branch and Ironwood Tree. If you are close to an enemy and have quick fingers, you can use these items to spawn a tree behind them and then cast the Shackle. Later in the game, you can purchase Blink Dagger to perform this combo.
  • Windranger can easily Shakleshot the hero inside Sprout if you have Nature Prophet on your team.
  • Hoodwink Acorn Shot creates a tree that can be used in conjunction with Shackleshot.
  • It is a projectile spell that can be avoided by spells such as Sleight of Fist. We recommend using it when the enemy is not expecting you.
  • Even if the primary or secondary target dies or the tree is destroyed before Shackle reaches him, the Shakleshot still connects them.
  • Shakleshot can connect to invisible heroes or heroes in the Fog of War.
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She charges her bow for a second before unleashing a powerful shot that deals damage in a straight line. Her arrow has a cast range of 2600 and deals 450 damage at max level, but this increases to 550 with talent. The Powershot ability costs 120 mana and has a 9-second cooldown. Windranger farming is limited to Powershot.

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Windranger's Powershot


  • Its damage decreases by about 20% for each unit it hits, which means that if you use it on four heroes in a straight line, the last one will take less damage than the others, and the first one will take the most damage.
  • The long-range and nuking capability of Powershot make it ideal for killing escaping enemy heroes, as well as hitting invisible enemies whose exact location is known.
  • Powershot allows you to have a vision of the arrow's path as it travels. You can take advantage of this ability to scout dark areas of the map.
  • Due to the fact that Powershot destroys trees, if an enemy is pursuing you, you can run into a tree patch and use Powershot to destroy trees to create an escape path.
  • You can pause the Powershot channeling at any time, but the damage will be reduced.
  • If you are a POS 4 Support, you can utilize this ability to simultaneously stack a few neutral camps.
  • This ability has a high range that helps you to push dangerous lanes from a safe distance.
  • If you want to reduce your opponent's chances of evading your Powershot, use it while he is attempting to land the last hit. If he tries to avoid the Powershot, he will miss the last hit; if he insists on taking the last hit, he will take the Powershot damage as well.

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Aghanim's Shard: Makes the Powershot a global ability; once the shot has passed its normal range, it will only hit heroes, including illusions and clones, up to one person.

Tip: It will kill heroes who are less than 13% of their maximum health.


Windranger's movement speed will increase, and she gains 100% evasion against any physical damage source. It also slows down nearby enemies. When you cast Windrun, it lasts six seconds at max level and grants her a 60% movement speed bonus. This ability has a cooldown of 12 seconds and costs 50 mana.

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Windranger's Windrun

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  • Windrun is unable to avoid True Strike attacks. So items that grant True Strike, such as Monkey King Bar, are effective against her.
  • If you're using the catapult to push a lane and your creep wave has passed, you can use Windrun to protect the catapult from enemy tower attacks until the next creep wave arrives.
  • Windranger has a dedicated Windrun talent that makes her invisible when Windrun is cast. After acquiring that talent, you will be able to avoid some projectile spells.

Aghanim's Scepter: At max level, Focus Fire costs 125 mana and has a cooldown of 30 seconds. Damage reduction is reduced to 14 percent with the talent tree.

Focus Fire

When you cast Focus Fire on an enemy unit or structure, Windranger gains 475 additional attack speed but her attack damage reduces to 50%/40%/30% at each level. Focus Fire costs 125 mana and has 30 seconds cooldown at max level. With the talent, damage reduction reduces to 14%.

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Windranger's Focus fire


  • When you cast Focus Fire, Windranger will automatically attack the target. While attacking the target, you have complete freedom of movement. Windrun in close proximity to the target to slow the target down and prevent him from escaping.
  • You can cancel the automatic attacks by pressing the 's' key or moving out of the attack range. If your opponent activates his Blademail, you can press the "S" key for the duration of Blademail; otherwise, you will die from Damage Return.
  • You can switch your target without losing the Focus Fire buff on the first one.
  • Focus Fire increases Windranger's attack speed, so purchasing items with a high proc chance will make her extremely strong. Her favorite items include Maelstrom and Monkey King Bar.
  • Focus Fire cast range is the same as Windranger attack range.
  • This ability can be used on towers or other structures. That means you'll have no trouble destroying buildings.

Windranger's Ability Build

For abilities, follow the image below.

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Windranger's ability build

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Windranger's Talent Tree

If you want to play Windranger in the Core role, use the talents shown below; otherwise, choose their polar opposites.

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Windranger's Talent Tree

Difficult Matchups For Windranger

Axe: If Windranger uses Focus Fire on Axe, his Counter Helix will trigger multiple times, dealing a large amount of pure damage to her or her allies. He also acquires Blade Mail, which is an excellent counter to Windranger. Windranger's only choice is to buy Black King Bar against Blademail.

Centaur Warrunner: His Stampede will help him and his allies in escaping from or chasing Windranger. If Windranger uses Focus Fire on Centaur, his Retaliate ability will deal a massive amount of damage to her. Windranger should kill another target.

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Centaur's Retaliate

Bloodseeker: Windranger inflicts damage on herself by moving if Bloodseeker casts Rupture on her, most notably during her Windrun. The only item available to Windranger is Linken's Sphere.

Nyx Assassin: His abilities are magic damage, and Windranger's abilities are powerless to protect her from him. He can begin with Vendetta and then follow up with Impale and Mana Burn. She must play beside Sentry Wards and purchase Black King Bar and Linken's Sphere Later in the game.

Morphling: He can use Morph on Windranger and take advantage of her basic abilities. For instance, Morphling can use Windrun against Windranger's Focus Fire. Morphling frequently purchases Ethereal Blade and kills his enemies with his magical damage combo (Ethereal Blade+Waveform+Adaptive Strike), whereas Windranger lacks any spell that can withstand magic damage. She can purchase Linken's Sphere and Black King Bar as defensive items against Morphling, as well as Orchid and Blink Dagger as offensive items.

Dota 2: Windranger Tips And Tricks (8)

Morphling morphed into Windranger

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Heaven's Halberd: Although it is not a hero, it is highly effective against Windranger. You can disarm her and protect your allies from her attacks while she uses her focus fire.

Strong Matchups For Windranger

Huskar: Huskar cannot attack Windranger with Burning Spears while Windrun is active due to its 100% evasion. Additionally, she has the ability to escape if Huskar casts his ultimate on her.

Ursa: As with Huskar, this hero relies on physical attacks, which means he cannot solo kill Windranger until he buys Monkey King Bar and Basher. Ursa requires Basher because Windranger's Windrun grants her high movement speed to run away. As a result, she can easily punish Ursa because of his useless abilities against her.

Troll Warlord: His power grows with Fervor stacks. Windranger can prevent him from stacking multiple Fervor on her by Windrun. She also can tank the damage with Windrun while Troll Warlord activated Battle Trance. Additionally, Windranger has a fast movement speed and is capable of annihilating Troll with Focus Fire.

Monkey King: He is unable to stack his Jingu Mastery on Windranger while she is using Windrun. She is capable of solo killing Monkey King in the same manner as she kills Troll.

Nature's Prophet: Windranger can easily escape the Sprout ability with the help of Powershot. She can fight into Nature's Prophet with Windrun because he is reliant on his attack damage. Nature Prophet summons creeps, and they are usually near him, making him an easy target for Windranger to Shackleshot.

Windranger's Best Allies

Nature's Prophet: Windranger can Shackleshot the enemy who is trapped inside his Sprout.

Hoodwink: Windranger can Shackle a unit to the tree that spawns due to Hoodwink Acorn Shot. With Bushwhack and Shackleshot, they can also chain-stun an enemy unit.

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