Top 5 | Best EDC 2023 Carry Awards X (2023)

Top 5 | Best EDC

EDC is probably the most diverse category of them all. Pens, tools, knives, wallets, and other EDC items – all of the pocket tools we use on the daily. However, please think outside your comfort zone, don’t just go for your favorite category. Instead, imagine which of the presented items is the most awesome in their own category – and ask yourself which excels most in form, function and innovation.

Tactile Turn Side Click Ti

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Who It Suits

The Side Click Ti is a series of classic clicky-style pens with a side release, so anyone looking for a robust but non-tactical-looking writing tool should be pleased with it. Available in 3 different lengths (standard, short, mini), it covers the entire spectrum – from full-size EDC pens to travel-friendly compact ones.

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The Lowdown

This Tactile Turn pen is a simple-looking instrument, but its beauty is in its refined simplicity. Starting from the barrel – it’s not too thick or thin – just what you’d expect from a classic pen. The surface texture is finely milled and provides a sure grip without being sharp or uncomfortable, even after a full day of taking notes at several meetings. The tip is screw-down style and sealed by an o-ring. It exactly matches the barrel’s texture, which is so precisely made that it’s impossible to find the transition point. Depending on your preferences, you can find it in full size (5.8″ long), short (5.3″), and mini (4.6″). The short one uses a Schmidt refill (this writes in a classic pen style). However, the standard and mini use a Pilot for really smooth, gel-type writing. Both types provide a fantastic writing experience.

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Mechanical action is positive, solid, and feels tool-like in operation. All vital parts are machined in Titanium, so this pen is built to last. Even the internal springs are more robust than on standard pens. The clip is 3D-machined in Ti and held in place by a Torx screw. It’s pretty strong and rather not formal shirt-friendly. But also, there’s no way it could unclip accidentally – it’s a heavy-duty tool, which feels at home in a trucker jacket, flannel shirt, or LEO’s uniform.

The Tactile Turn Side Click is a US-made pen, entirely manufactured in Texas. It feels solid, operates with 100% reliability, writes great, and will last a lifetime. It’s overbuilt without being bulky. It’s like a Sebenza of the pen world.

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– Solid all-machined construction

– Built of Titanium for a lifetime of service

– Ultra-reliable mechanics

– Precisely manufactured in Texas, USA

The James Brand Palmer

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Who It Suits

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Anyone looking for a socially acceptable and handsome-looking cutting tool. Perfect for opening boxes, cutting paracord, tape, or webbing, and even carpeting. It’s a classic utility knife in a premium form factor.

The Lowdown

It might look boxy at first glance, but it fills your palm like a dream – hence the name. It’s big enough to be used comfortably and with quite some force if needed. Still, it’s flat enough to be carried in a pocket almost 24/7. Yes, there are smaller EDC utility cutters, but the Palmer is not optimized to be the smallest but rather to be comfortable, safe, and super easy to operate. There’s no learning curve here – push the button and slide out the blade. When the job is done – push down again and retract. The middle position is for blade replacement – it accepts standard Stanley blades.

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Safety matters, especially considering the sharpness of these blades. Honestly, I cannot imagine anyone could accidentally get cut by the Palmer. It’s as safe as a utility knife can be. There’s a small lanyard, which can also be replaced by a classic 550 paracord (which I did) for easy drawing out of a pocket. The tool is made of anodized aluminum and looks as minimalistic as possible. Smooth to operate, easy to carry, colorful, and socially acceptable. But it’s still sharp and with an easy-to-replace blade. What’s not to like? Even the price is good for The James Brand product.

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Now, it’s widely advertised as a legal-almost-anywhere knife, which you could travel with (empty) and buy the Stanley blade locally in virtually any hardware store. But still, technically, it’s a one-hand opening and locking knife, so be sure it is legal on the street before carrying/opening it in public (this applies to any knife held in public, of course).

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– Solid and reliable construction

– Intuitive and safe to operate

– A tool, not a toy

– Socially-friendly look

GiantMouse ACE Sonoma V2

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Who It Suits

Outdoorsmen, adventurers, and EDC enthusiasts should all love the Sonoma V2. It also has a superb fidgety factor. So if you like premium-class tools with a fidgety potential and are looking for a new pocket folder, the Sonoma V2 might be an excellent choice.

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The Lowdown

If you follow today’s hottest knifemakers, you must know the names behind the GiantMouse brand: Jens Ansø and Jesper Voxnaes, both from Denmark. So with that unique Scandinavian sense of design, the Sonoma V2 is smooth, slim, lightweight, and overall feels premium. The canvas micarta scales are smooth and very uniform – they must be some of the best micarta scales I’ve seen. The nested liners (so without metal sticking out on the handle edges) look good and are also really comfortable, especially during colder days. A thick liner lock ensures strength and safety. A solid machined brass backspacer and pivot collar add pure class to this knife. The Sonoma V2 rides well hidden in the pocket thanks to a subtle deep-carry wire clip. Finally, the blade (the heart of any knife) is made of high-performance Elmax steel.

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It’s a flipper folder, so it looks immaculate without any holes and studs in/on the blade. Still, one-hand operation is lightning fast and smooth as butter thanks to a pivot running on ball bearings. I’ve been using my own Sonoma V2 for about a year, and it never lets me down. Elmax steel is tough, holds an edge, and is easy to sharpen. It’s one of the best steels for knife use available today. It’s fully stainless too. I’ve used my canvas micarta Sonoma V2 extensively as an urban EDC. But also when hiking, mountaineering, fishing, and boating. The full flat grind and thin cutting edge glide through cardboard, rope, wood, food, and similar stuff. A black-on-black version is also available, which is one of the most classy-looking EDC folders out there. It’s a sort of deep matt black uniform throughout the knife, including the screws and wire clip. Still, they left the pivot collar and backspacer in brass for that classy tuxedo look.

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– Slim and lightweight, easy to EDC

– Very high manufacturing quality

– Attention to details

– World-class design by Jesper Voxnaes and Jens Ansø

– Premium materials / Elmax steel

Bellroy Apex Slim Sleeve

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Who It Suits

If you need to carry a couple of cards, ID, driving license, and 6-10 notes but still prefer slim, compact size, this bad boy is tailor-made for you!

The Lowdown

I’ve carried many wallets in my life – big and small, leather and plastic. But there’s still some unique charm to a well-worn leather wallet. However, most of them are either bulky or not functional at all. Yet here comes the Bellroy Apex, which has considerably serious storage space and is still super lightweight and relatively small. It’s one of those wallets that can easily ride in the front pocket of Levis 501 with a full-size folding knife clipped in too (even as big as the Sebenza or Spartan Harsey Folder). And THAT is remarkable for a multi-layer leather wallet.

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All that would be impossible in a standard wallet construction, so Bellroy not only uses a top-quality thin (but strong) leather, but also innovative heat bonding technology instead of stitching. Magnetic closure also helps to reduce the size. On top of that, the Apex wallet is RFID secured as well for your peace of mind when shopping in a mall or traveling in a crowded subway.

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I switched to the Bellroy Apex about a month ago, and used it all that time. I planned to go back to my tiny nylon card sleeve after finishing this article, but… I decided to keep using the Apex. In my case it holds 4-5 credit cards, ID, driving license, 3 business cards, a toothpick, and about 8-10 notes (5-6 local PLN, 3-4 EUR). USD notes fit perfectly too. The Apex Slim not only manages it all for me, but also maintains compact dimensions – it’s thin enough for easy jeans pocket carry or for the inside pocket of a formal jacket.

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– Slim and compact, easy to carry

– RFID protected

– Easy-to-use magnetic closing

– Pre-molded for easy storage of cards and notes (most currencies)

– Leather takes awesome patina with time

Prometheus Design Werx SPD CAS OTF

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Who It Suits

If you’re an EDC fanatic who loves great design, exceptional material, and pocket sized carry the CAS OTF is for you. Functional and unique, this is PDW at their best.

The Lowdown

Prometheus Design Werx are all about getting you outside. They are focused on living a life full of adventure and providing the best tools for it. From backpacks all the way through to patches, their products speak of nature and giving every person the right equipment to enjoy it. Their backpacks are excellent, their clothing and apparel adored, and their accessories are second to none.

The SPD CAS OTF (Special Projects Division California Special Out The Front) is a unique piece of carry. Full tang and folders are often the most discussed in EDC, but there is a place for unique products such as this. Constructed from the finest materials, it is immediately apparent that the OTF isn’t just any knife. With a mixture of T6061 aluminium, 6AL-4V titanium, and Böhler M390 blade steel, there is no expense spared in the production of this tool.

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From a design standpoint, the OTF is a beautiful piece of work. CNC’d body, hidden screw work, and a hyperglow (glow in the dark) ring on the slider add to both aesthetics and functionality. Coming in at a smidge over three inches (3.03”) this is pocket and pouch friendly, and at just under two inches (1.925”) the blade is useful for many EDC applications.

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In use, it is a pleasure. The secure click upon deployment and retraction is very satisfying indeed, and for such a small knife it handles incredibly well, not that it’s surprising given who made it. The SPD CAS OTF presents in a useful carrying case, which has space for extra lanyards and accessories too, although you’ll likely want to use the kraken engraved titanium clip more than that! As a shining example of design and craftsmanship, the SPD CAS OTF is a worthy addition to any EDC kit.


– Beautiful understated design

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– Premium Materials

– Hyperglow ring on slider for easy use


Tactile Turn Side Click Ti

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The James Brand Palmer

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GiantMouse ACE Sonoma V2

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Bellroy Apex Slim Sleeve

Top 5 | Best EDC 2023 Carry Awards X (23)

Prometheus Design Werx SPD CAS OTF

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